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Everything in wheels


Established in 1963…

Since the very begining we have not stopped growing year after year…

During more than 50 years, we have gone along with the market development and specialization, covering all its demands from the base until we could complete the “supply chain”.

For this reason, Osawheels has invested in a continuous improvement process to build more than 10,000 sp.m. distributed in workshops, warehouses, loading dock and offices. 

We supply rims from 4″ to 63″ with diferent available widths and customized on customer´s request.

Alux Wheels


TUV Quality and Strength

These wheels have passed all the strength and quality tests obtaining the TUV approval due the excellence in benefits of the wheels.

FORGED manufacturing and POLISHED finishing

The Wheels are made by FORGED process of raw Alloy in block, increasing more strength and quality than the alternative one of melting Alloy in molds.

The wheels are POLISHED later until you get a MIRROR finishing.


Special NUTS with long short neck, ready to adapt ALUX wheels to trucks with short bolts.


You can contact with us and leave your message throug our application form or telephone numbers.